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Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Jukebox Graduate (Episode 10): Hall Monitors

Dave & Eugene.... live from the House of Blues (sorta)

In  episode 10 of The Jukebox Graduate, Dave and Eugene go over a few things as they head towards the end of the year. The personable pair discuss meeting up in Orange County and the wrap-up of the LSD tour. They look back at the late Geoff Emerick and the great recordings that he helped bring to us. Then it’s a run down of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees and who should get in. Finally the guys go over some new music they’ve been digging.

Bueno Bye: A Tribute To Stephen Desmond Nineteen Thirteen "Sci-Fi Romance"

Along the way we will hear songs from Liv, Nineteen Thirteen, and Clover featuring Elvis Costello. We will also hear a bit from all of the Hall of Fame nominees.

JD McPherson "Undivided Heart & Soul" Clover "Homestead Redemption"

* Hang tight kids! Our Spotify episodic playlist will be arriving shortly. You'll want to HEAR everything we've been yapping about. Stay tuned... for the love of MUSIC!

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