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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The Jukebox Graduate (Episode 18): It's A Sound Salvation (Part 2)

Turn it up!

Part 2 of 2:
Well, the boys most certainly made up for lost time in Part 1. An hour and a half later... they finally get into the meat of their 2023/24 Winter Pledge Drive. In this segment, you will learn how the ol' podcast morphed into a 24/7 curated internet radio station with themed and hosted programming, but you also get an insight into what the future holds for the station. Details are offered on how YOU could also have your own show on the platform! Finally, Dave and Eugene go over their Patreon pledge goals and some of the prizes they'll be giving away once each level is unlocked. Among the prizes... backstage passes/lanyards, CDs, vinyl, signed albums, cool promotional items, and a ONE-OF-A-KIND guitar effects pedal created exclusively for The Jukebox Graduate by Satellite Amps! All this and more as the guys of gab reel in this long-awaited Episode 18.

Lil Black - On The Road AgainSqueeze - Sweets From A Stranger
Dave Rayburn - ProjectsVarious Artists - Of Hands And Hearts

This episode of The Jukebox Graduate was brought to you by Satellite Amplifiers.
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The Jukebox Graduate (Episode 18): It's A Sound Salvation (Part 1)

Don't touch that dial!

Part 1 of 2:
Three years since their last co-hosted podcast, Dave and Eugene return with a very special Pledge Drive edition of The Jukebox Graduate. The boys catch up on what they've been up all this time, how their podcast has evolved into it's current 24/7 entertainment resource, and how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the world of music... along with their reviews of the latest Beatles single, "Now And Then". You'll hear music from the COVID-19 Musicians Recording Collaboration, A.I. Nirvana as well as an exclusive track from Dan Bern.

The Beatles - Now And ThenNirvana - Drowned In The SunThe Doors - Other VoicesDan Bern - Estelle

This three-hour showcase has been cut up into two easily digestible parts, so when you're ready, be sure to plate-up Part 2 and find out how you can win all kinds of fabulous prizes as part of the 2023/24 Winter Pledge Drive.

This episode of The Jukebox Graduate was brought to you by Satellite Amplifiers.
For general inquiries, questions, comments, song submission requests, promotional considerations, or if you just want to jib-jab, SEND US AN EMAIL! Thanks for tuning in! Please spread the word and share this podcast with your music friends!


Hey, gang! Hope you all have been well, and I hope you've been enjoying what The Jukebox Graduate has been offering since we started as a humble little podcast back in March of 2017. Dave Rayburn and Eugene Edwards have long been rabid music fanatics, and their lengthy music chats go back twenty-five years. The long-winded wonders enjoyed a series of podcast episodes well into 2020. That's until scheduling conflicts, pandemics, and all that other nonsense forced them into new avenues of content production. From that, The Jukebox Graduate Radio was born! 24/7 curated radio, streaming all over the globe. To boot, the station has offered hosted program by the founders themselves. Eugene just completed his 113th episode of The Know It All Hour, and Dave still features his long-running New Release Bin program. In between, guest DJs (friends and listeners) have dropped in their own brands of music presentation, keeping the station nothing short of eclectic. When featured programs aren't running, the station plays music from a pool of over 8,700 songs (a typical Jack-FM style station generally utilizes about 850). Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country, Rap, Metal... The Jukebox Graduate Radio promotes diversity in genres, eras, and popularity. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything just like it out there on the interwebs.

Well, this brings us to the reason we've got you reading this. Since the very beginning, The Jukebox Graduate has been operating out-of-pocket. And, as things have slowly expanded, so have our expenses. Previously, we soft-launched a Patreon support program, and some very amazing listeners came on board and gave us some much-needed help. Over time, we've lost some of that support, and that... coupled with the pending expenses of our planned improvements, finds us at a bit of a crossroads. With complete transparency at the forefront, we want to share with you the three goals we'd like to achieve through our very first pledge drive.

GOAL LEVEL #1 - We would like to break even and exist at a level that the station is 100% listener supported. We have never turned a penny of profit in the last six years, and we don't seek to at any time. Currently, we are operating 67% out-of-pocket to keep things going as they are.
GOAL LEVEL #2 - With BIG plans to grow and expand our program schedule, we are in need of more media storage through our broadcast platform. We are 95-98% full, and we are almost to a point where we won't be able to add new shows or songs. BOO! We have the opportunity to upgrade, but a price jump is involved.
GOAL LEVEL #3 - We've always dreamed of this. Wouldn't it be nice to listen to a radio station that doesn't play commercials?!?  Yeah, we agree. Therefore, we would like to make The Jukebox Graduate Radio THAT MUCH BETTER, and drop all the forced commercials that we currently have to run each hour. Of course, this is another subscription option with our broadcast platform that comes at a cost.

So, without going into the weeds too much here, we'll cut to the chase. Here are the financials that we are summoning our listeners to consider assisting us with as we make our plans for a bigger and better radio station in 2024...

Goal Level 1 (to break even as we stand here today): $105.00/month
Goal Level 2 (includes the achievements of Goal Level 1, but adds more needed media storage): $145.00/month
Goal Level 3 (includes the achievements of Goal Levels 1 & 2, but helps us go commercial free): $180.00/month

 As of December 19, 2023 we have active Patreon support of $35.00/month. How's THAT for complete transparency?!?

We have faith that these goals are achievable with our growing audience, and... who doesn't like to support a good thing? The old cliché of sacrificing a morning cup of coffee comes to mind, but you can apply anything else in your life that you feel is small enough that you could painlessly go without each month. Every little bit of love adds up. Trust us.

The Jukebox Graduate has teamed up with Patreon to help us corral our much-needed financial support. Through Patreon you can subscribe for a monthly fee of your choice (whatever is comfortably affordable for you). Some pledge tiers are set up to include some really cool bonus rewards. Two of the key tiers worth mentioning are PLAY MY LIST and BOSS DJ.

With the PLAY MY LIST tier, you get to provide an initial batch of 100 songs of your choice to feed into a WEEKLY randomized playlist show on the station! Each additional month that you on board, you will be allowed to add twenty more songs, growing your pool of material at a pretty fast pace. Tell all your friends that you've got a program on the radio. It's all YOU, baby!

With the BOSS DJ tier, you get to take things to the next level. Not only do you get to have a one-hour WEEKLY show on The Jukebox Graduate Radio, but you get to host it as well. Let your voice be heard! Tell stories. Give detailed background on favorite songs. Be cryptic. Do impressions. Whatever you want... it's your hour!

Even if you choose one of the reward-free pledge tiers, you'll know that you are contributing to the life of this living and breathing entertainment vehicle that we created out of the dust. You can't put a price tag on pride. Find a level that works for you!

As an added bonus (and just like all the classic pledge drives of our time) we've got some prizes to give away!

When Goal Level 1 is achieved, FIVE (5) lucky winners will be drawn at random. These winners will be allowed to each select an item from our "junk drawer". The final "junk drawer" prize list has not been finalized yet, but they will include CDs, vinyl EPs, unique music-related promotional items, backstage passes/lanyards (courtesy of Eugene Edwards), and much more!

When Goal Level 2 is achieved, THREE (3) lucky winners will be drawn at random. These winners will be allowed to select from the following: A copy of the "Rat Saw God" indie exclusive purple vinyl LP by Wednesday (one of Dave's favorite albums of 2023); a signed copy of "The Power And The Glory" vinyl LP by The Bad Ends (signed by the entire band, including R.E.M.'s Bill Berry); and a signed copy of Ian Hunter's "Defiance Part 1" CD! Long live Mott The Hoople!

When Goal Level 3 is achieved.... LOOK OUT! ONE (1) lucky winner will be drawn at random. That person will be awarded a true one-of-a-kind item. Our grand prize winner will receive a hand-made Jukebox Graduate guitar effects pedal, produced for us exclusively by Satellite Amplifiers. This is a fantastic piece of gear that you could add to your sound arsenal.

No purchase necessary to be eligible. There are three ways you can get entered into our drawings.

#1 - Simply friend/follow The Jukebox Graduate on Facebook. You'll automatically get one entry into our drawings.
#2 - For every time you SHARE our Facebook post for our pledge drive, you'll get one additional entry into our drawings.
#3 - And, for you Patreon supporters (old and new)... for every dollar that you pledge monthly to the station, you will get additional drawing entries. For example, if you pledge $10/month, you will get ten entries.

Our pledge drive will remain active until all three goal levels have been achieved. As each prize level is unlocked, we will take to Facebook for a live video drawing to discover the winners. Winners will have THIRTY (30) days to respond back and claim their prizes. If any prizes go unclaimed, a new winner will then be selected. That's it. Simple.

THANK YOU for reading through all of this. In fact, if you think THIS post is long, just wait 'til you dig into the latest two-part podcast that's about to drop. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we thank you for making us the soundtrack to so many of your days. We hope to continue this journey deep into the future. Have a wonderful holiday season, and don't forget to be good to yourself  while being good to others.

Dave & Eugene





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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Wilie Nelson's 90th Birthday Celebration Radio Marathon! 48 Hours Of Willie!

Willie Nelson fans, rejoice! In celebration of Willie Nelson's 90th birthday weekend at the Hollywood Bowl in Southern California, we will be spinning nothing but Willie tunes all weekend long!

You'll hear duets, guest appearances, rare non-album tracks, live cuts, and songs from all 73 solo albums in addition to the seemingly endless list of collaborative albums from outlaw country legend Willie Nelson. We'll draw from over a thousand songs from an unparalleled recording career that spans from 1955 to today.

Tune in all-day Saturday April 29th and Sunday April 30th to hear nothing but some Willie good music! Head on over to www.thejukeboxgraduate.com to listen and find out more. And don't forget to keep it tuned to The Jukebox Graduate.

(Oh, and if you can't make tune in the weekend of... you can also tune in weekdays at 5pm (Pacific) to hear daily one-hour installments of Willie's Happy Hour, exclusively on The Jukebox Graduate Radio.


See you at the Bowl!
Dave & Eugene

For general inquiries, questions, comments, requests, promotional considerations, or if you just want to jib-jab, SEND US AN EMAIL