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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Support The Jukebox Graduate On Patreon!


Remember the days of Free-Form Radio? Well, here at The Jukebox Graduate... we're bringing it back! Evolving from several successful years in the podcast world, Dave Rayburn and Eugene Edwards have now embarked on a path into the world of streaming radio. The idea? To offer 24/7 curated music as well as an assortment of radio shows with a variety of hosts and guest DJs. Current shows include The Know It All Hour with Eugene Edwards (guitar slinger for Dwight Yoakam), The New Release Bin with Dave Rayburn (podcaster, singer-songwriter and music journalist), and The Darkroom Mixtape with Kelsi (aficionado of dark wave, post-punk, goth, industrial, new wave, indie, shoegaze, and punk).

With your help, we hope to be able to cover all the required infrastructure to keep a station like this going all day, every day... for as long as you desire it. Your much-needed Patreon support will ensure that everything from music licensing to site hosting will be taken care of, as well as planned improvements and expansions, such as making archived on-demand radio shows and commercial-free broadcasts become a reality.

Music geeks of the world unite! Please join us as we grow our scrappy little radio station into a realm for lovers of music... ALL kinds.  If you would like to help keep the lights on around here, please consider sponsoring The Jukebox Graduate via Patreon! You're bound to find a pledge tier that's just right for you.

As usual, stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for the very latest as The Jukebox Graduate Radio continues to grow.


All the best, and thank you for the support!
Dave & Eugene

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