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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Jukebox Graduate (Episode 15): First Degree Burns

Ken Burns' Country Music

In episode 15 of The Jukebox Graduate, Dave and Eugene host their guest, producer Carl Alvarez, in order to discuss the new Ken Burns documentary COUNTRY MUSIC. The duo of dialogue first cover other topics: The Raconteurs at Amoeba, recent movies/upcoming music documentaries, Bryan Ferry at the Greek, recent suicides, and Eugene’s Fender Play Live appearance. Carl gives us an overview of the 16-hour PBS study of country music and goes over some highlights and things he learned after seeing the whole thing.

Charity Swim "Babble Numb" Tommy Tutone "Tommy Tutone-2"

We get to hear songs from American Road and Charity Swim. We also get a touch of Tommy Tutone, Derek & the Dominos, and The Nude Party.

Derek & the Dominos "The Best Of The Johnny Cash TV Show 1969-1971" The Nude Party "The Nude Party"

If you REALLY dug this particular episode, you'll want to check out our companion Spotify playlist that puts to music nearly everything that we touched upon. Stay tuned! The playlist will be published shortly...

This episode of The Jukebox Graduate was brought to you by Satellite Amplifiers and their new Scamp line. Yesterday’s technology...today at satelliteamps.com

Special thanks to Alex Call, American Road, Chris Lopez, Charity Swim, and Carl Alvarez.

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