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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

SINGLES: Episode 02 (Teach Your Children)

Welcome home, everybody!

Uncertain times call for certain measures. We know that many of you have more time your hands than usual, or maybe you just need something to keep your mind busy while the world sorts itself out. Dave and Eugene have just the thing!

With SINGLES, The Jukebox Graduate will be coming to you more frequently with bite-sized mini podcasts to match your media consumption diet.


In this episode Dave & Eugene talk about the surge in streaming live performances and the spike in interest (with incentives) to learn a new instrument from the comfort of your own home. You'll also hear a brand new song by John Moreland before the guys share their latest earworms with you


All in a day's work (from home) at The Jukebox Graduate!

For general inquiries, questions, comments, song submission requests, promotional considerations, or if you just want to jib-jab, SEND US AN EMAIL! Thanks for tuning in! Please spread the word and share this podcast with your music friends!

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