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Monday, April 17, 2017

The Jukebox Graduate (Episode 02): Remember, This Is Important (To Me)!

From Pollywood Studios in Eagle Rock, California it's the second episode of The Jukebox Graduate. Dave Rayburn and Eugene Edwards discuss why Chuck Berry matters, how Willie Nelson and X remind us of singularity and legacy, NAMM 2017, and the 10th annual Record Store Day.

Chuck     God's Problem Child

We listen to tracks from Tift Merritt and Abel Franco, and we discuss the new stuff that has been filling our ears. Amongst all this we will hear drops from just about everyone we've mentioned as well as Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, and the Chi-Lites.

Sin Palabras     Stitch Of The World

If you REALLY dug this particular episode, here is our companion Spotify playlist that puts to music nearly everything that we touched upon. Dig in and discover something you've never heard before. That's what it's all about!

This episode of the Jukebox Graduate was brought to you by Satellite Amplifiers with special thanks to Alex Geringas, Karam Salem, Yep Roc Records and Redeye Worldwide.

Additionally, we'd like to spend a special shout out to the following for their participation in our Record Store Day segment:

Jack Bell (who also happens to have a new book in the works)
Sean Bohrman at Burger Records
Chris Brown at Bull Moose
Craig Doucette
at Table Five Records
Rand Foster at Fingerprints Music
Dave James at Factory Records
Geoff Leamon
at Left Of The Dial Records
Parker Macy at Creme Tangerine
Steve Petit
Matt Smith

Craig Swedin (music industry legend)

Also, head over to Discussions Magazine to read Dave's recent Q&A with Tift Merritt.

In between episodes, be sure to catch Eugene Edwards on tour with Dwight Yoakam at a venue near you!

For general inquiries, questions, comments, song submission requests, promotional considerations, or if you just want to jib-jab, SEND US AN EMAIL! Thanks for tuning in! Please spread the word and share this podcast with your music friends!

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